Our Music curriculum has been specifically tailored to meet the unique context of our school. It is designed to be broad and balanced, providing all pupils with the opportunity to master their learning and deepen their knowledge, making sense and giving purpose as to why we learn about music.


At St. Patrick’s we believe that music helps to encourages pupils to express themselves and to become confident performers. The music curriculum allows pupils to gain compositional skills and pupils are given the opportunity to explore different instruments and different types of musical genre.


We recognise the importance of our local City and the opportunities it offers for pupils to get involved in local Music festivals and competitions. We also allow pupils to recognise and describe a range of music genres through the curriculum.


We aim to build high levels of competence in the subject specific skills of:

  • Performance

  • Compose

  • Transcribe and Describe


Music in action

Children in years two, three, four, five and six are taught to play tin whistles by a specialist music teacher.  Children in years four and five are also taught to play the guitar

Throughout the year, the children have the opportunity to take part in a range of performances for singing and playing their instrument.

To celebrate their talents the children perform a ‘Musical Extravaganza’ at Christmas. This involves each group performing with their specific instrument in front of their family and singing songs. This is a great opportunity for children to show what they can do and be proud of their achievements.


Please click the link below to download our Music curriculum statement:

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